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Links to Some Past Olympiads

International Astronomy Olympiad

International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics


International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2009, Iran

Useful astronomy links


Note: The following list of links has been compiled by past astronomy Olympiad students. Some of the links may be out of date.

Astronomy Ephemerides


Astronomical Calendar, Generate HTML Calendar
COMETS, orbit diagrams, finder charts
Comet Rendezvous Calendar
Cometograpyh - all about comets
Comets Currently Visible
Comets and Meteor Showers
Elements & Ephemerides Bright Minor Planets 2000
Elements & Ephemerides Observable Comets
Five Thousand Year Catalog of Solar Eclipses -1999 to +3000
Heliospheric spacecraft
IOTA Asteroidal predictions
Minor Planet information
Names of Stars from the Period of Vedas
SkyEye - (Un)Common Star Names
SkyEye - this months events
The astronomer - comets page
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia
JPL Solar System Dynamics (data etc)
The Observer's Tool Corner
Ephemeris Generation
Object Identification
What's Observable Tonight


Astronomy Institutes and Missions


2001 Mars Odyssey Home Page
ARISE - Advanced Radio Interferometry between Space and Earth
ARRLWeb- The American Radio Relay League -- ARRL
Astronomy Now Home
Bureau for Rapid Service & Predictions of earth parameters
CalTech - California Institute of Technology
Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan (english)
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Columbus Control Center
ESA Hubble Information Centre
EarthKAM Main Menu
European Southern Observatory
Galileo Telescope Makers
Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search
Goldmine in Physics
IAU Minor Planet Center
Indian Institute of Science
International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA)
International Space Station Reference
JPL Solar System Dynamics Group
Jawaharlal Nehru center for advanced scientific research
Jyotirvidya Parisanstha
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) Home Page
Magellan (venus)
Mars Global Surveyor
NASA Human Spaceflight
NASA Observatorium Education-Reference Module
NASA Space Science Homepage
NASA Television
NSSDC - National Space Science Data Center
NTT Telescope
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission
North American Meteor Network Home Page
Orbital Laboratory
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Pioneer 6
Red rover goes to Mars
Robotic Optical Transient Search
Russian Space Web
SPACEandTECH is a Leading Provider of Space News and Information Services.
STScI-HST Public Information
Space Station as satellite !
Space Today Online
Space Weather Bureau
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
The Cosmology -Explore The Largest Mystery
The Exploratorium the museum of science, art and human perception.
The Munich Astro Archive
The Royal Observatory Greenwich
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
UC Observatories-Lick Observatory
University of California at Santa Cruz
W.M. Keck Observatory


Astronomy Mailing Lists


JAS News
List Subscription Form
Minor Planet Mailing List


Astronomy Robotic


Association Reunionnaise pour l'Etude du Ciel Austral
Astro Webcam
Beautiful live eclipse images
Bradford -Robotic -Telescope
Bradford Telescope Contents
CWRU Robotic Telescope Data Download Area
Calwell Lunar Observatory
Dale Ireland's Live Cam
Eyes on the Skies - Robotic Solar Telesope
Iowa Robotic Telescope Facility
Live Total Lunar Eclipse
Olivier Staiger's Webcam Page
Project Rigel
Robotic telescopes list
StarDome Observatory


Astronomy Site Lists


ATM's Resource List
Cool Science -- Space Links Guides Space
GPS resource base
International Meteor Organization
Martindale's Reference Desk - Calculators On-Line Physics & Astrophysics
Other NASA Missions
Research Links Harvard University Dept of Astronomy
Visually Observing Satellites - Useful and Informative Sites
Best astronomy links
NASA for students


Astronomy Software


ASDS Software Search Page
Astronomy Calculator (quite nice !)
Astronomy Tools
CelesTrak Current NORAD Two-Line Element Sets
Computation of Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight Times
IOTA occult programme downloads
Limiting Magnitude Field Locator and Calculator
LiveSky Home
Orbital Elements for Software Packages
Orbital Elements of Selected Visual Binaries
SKYMAP Astronomical Mapping Program
Satellite elements for home planet
StarSplatter Home Page
Starry Night HST small database
Starry Night Updates
Starry night HST large database
Welcome to Skyhound by CapellaSoft
Welcome to Sustainable by Design! (sundesign)


Astronomy Views - Real


2MASS - ir survey program
CADC Interface to the Digitized Sky Survey (recover images) Comet Linear C-1999 S4
Infra red image gallery
Magellan Image Server Information
NEAR Image of the Day
Planetary Photojournal NASA's Image Access Home Page
Pretty Pictures
STScI-HST Pictures
Shuttle Views the Earth Geology from Space Slide Set
Sky Highlights for 2000
Sunspots and the Solar Cycle
The astronomer
The very latest SOHO images
USGS Flagstaff Solar System Browser
Views of the Solar System
Canada space image gallery
CSA - Image Gallery (canada)


Astronomy Views - Stimulated


Finder Chart for Asteroids
SkyView Virtual Observatory
Solar System Simulator
Stars and Constellations




Asteroidal Occultation Updates to July 7, 2003
Steve's Asteroid Update HELP Page
Camellia occult full details
Asteroid 107 Camilla




Anand`s World (kvpy)
Asteroids and Remote Planets Section
Astrolinks - Astronomy Links - Cosmobrain Selected Astronomical Links
California Extremely Large Telescope
Chris Dolan's Home Page
Comets and Meteor Showers
Connected Earth Views of Space and Space Views of Earth
Diotima occultation - IUCAA page
ESA Hubble Information Centre
Espenak's Eclipse Home Page
Genessiss mission study aids
International Olympiad of Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
Kepler Mission A Search for Terrestrial Planets
Minor Planet Observer
NASA - Eclipse 99 - Eclipses Through Traditions and Cultures
NASA's Observatorium
Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking
Observing Double Stars
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy The Home Page
RRGTM selected guys
Register for hst
Rocket Vision Quality Model Rockets for the Rocketry Enthusiast
SatEvo Page
Space & Astronomy for Kids - Home Page
Space Calendar (JPL)
Space Station as satellite !
Sponsored by
Stellar Directory
Telescopes In Education (TIE)
VLBI at Onsala Space Observatory
VLT Interferometer


Astronomy Learning


20 cm)
acads #2
amatuer rocketry
Amazing Space Web-Based Activities
Ask the Astronomers!
Asteroid Pro Software
Astronomy 161- The Solar System
Astronomy 162
Binary star Web Simulations
Brooks-Cole AstroTutor Main Menu
Earth Centered Spacecraft
Introduction to Spherical Astronomy p. 1
orbital mechanics
Planetary Nomenclature Introduction TOC
Positional Astronomy - index
Previous Astronomy Questions
Science Magazine
Science@NASA Ask-A-Scientist
Semester 1
Semester 2
Sky and Telescope -- Occultations
Space Science
Star List -namewise
StarChild A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Step-by-spet Astronomy Learning
Structure & Evolution of the Universe
The ABC's of Distances
The Constellations
The Moon Hoax
The Paradoxical Universe
The Visual Binaries List The Widest 100
The origins of spiral arms
Welcome to Edu.Space!
Windows to the universe - index
Windows to the universe
Astronomy 162 Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology
Usenet Physics FAQ
The Standard Model #####
Basics of Space Flight
Space School UK
Orbital Mechanics 101 (intro)


ADS Custom Query Form
Amateur astronomers are setting new records with online comet discoveries
Astrobrowse at SAO
Astronomical Headlines
BBC Online - The Sky at Night
Binary Stars -
CDS - astronomy Databases
Comet Information and the International Comet Quarterly (ICQ)
GSLV - Summary
Heavens-Above Main Page-Pune
Human Space Flight (HSF) - Realtime Data
Kuiper Belt Home Page
Message to outer space
Scientific American
Weather Underground Poona, India Forecast
Weather Underground Sky
What Time Is It
HubbleSite - News Center - News Archive
Astronomy Picture of the Day


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